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02 March 2010 @ 01:04 pm
i actually like this show...

WHY?! i really don't know at all. but it seems people have stopped subbing it cause 6 was released like 2 weeks ago and no one has subbed it.

i've also been watching chu-bra- which is so loli but weirdly eductional for like girls but still loliish. at least its not like kodomo no jikan. yuck i hate kodomo no jikan and the manga is worse than the anime. the animee at least censors the creepy loli stuff but the manga is like no have your creepy uncensored lolicon antics of panty flashing and creepy older step brothers/father/cousin(i really don't get reji's relation to rin at all) who wants to have a relationship with the 10 year old girl when she's old enough cause he's hung up on her mom and can't move on. yet i still read it..why i really don't know