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06 July 2008 @ 11:35 pm
what do you tell that pretty girl sitting over there? BEAT IT!!!!!!!  
i haven't updated in a while, i've been working... i worked yesteday at 4:30 and got off at 4 am.... scary thing is that i wasn't exhausted, strange yeah. so on tuesday i'm gonna go to the bank to get a money order or i might tommrow, and turn in my application to rent an apartment. i found one it's a 1 bedroom, 859, 799 deposit. 450 square feet. it's really nice, it's small but i like it.
so i really wanna get it cause its so close to the shuttle stop to work and it will save me time and money.

recieved last 2 grades and i passed. huge sigh of relief there.

well thats all i work tommrow at 9- 5:30 so i'm going to bed soon.

feeling like: excitedexcited
singing along to: crocidile rock- elton john