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26 February 2008 @ 11:05 pm
lol no i haven't had any candy but i have had coffee, well more like that flavored nescafe stuff... soooooooo good

i had a test and i didn't study cause i forgot, if i fail it i will be pissed cause you know yeah.

oh fuck the events in a week and a half... fuck fuck fuckkity fuck fuck.(stfu i can swear here if i want

oh get this sweden made the worlds first underwater care... and it's a convertible. lol its called the Squba.

oh and quebec like seperated from canada i think.. not too sure on the details.

AND IF I SEE ONE MORE MAGAZINE WITH BRITNEY ON THE COVER I WILL LOSE IT it's not news, sure it's entertaining for a bit but then it gets old.

i need to go to bed

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singing along to: after dark- asian kung fu generation
14 February 2008 @ 12:15 am
ya know whats weird...

the feeling of being stressed yet still oddly calm. stressed enough you feel like your gonna puke and pass out, yes relaxed enough to not worry yet worry at the same time.

it's weird, maybe i'm weird. i try not to think but certain people seem to trigger this feeling, no one in paticular, i do it to myself to. this probally makes no sense to anyone else. but it does to me, why?
cause it's my thoughts, not anyone elses, just like how i can't understand your thoughts. i am me and you are you. funny how it is.

i should go to bed

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12 February 2008 @ 09:45 pm
i mus be crazy... two posts in one day. i need to get new icons and then maybe put the link up in facebook, although i think that having people from my program read whats here could cause problems. or maybe i'm just bein paranoid

oh and in regards to my so-called whinning and temper.... you have seen nothing. if i'm mad enough you can be sure that something will be be broken and i will yell at someone for whatever fucking thing they did to me. fuck why should i be telling anyone this? it's none of your buisness as i see it. bleh

been drinking too many ice-caps. addictive like crack i'll tell ya(btw- i have never and will never do drugs)

thank all that is good and pure that our poster and tickets for the event are done. stress level is coming down just a bit, so long as no one brings it up i will be fine.

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singing along to: move-ghetto blaster
12 February 2008 @ 09:09 am
thanks alberta weather for giving us the most fucking cold weather the last 2 weeks. so cold you couldn't step outside for 5 minutes without getting frostbite.

maybe i'm being too dramatic but still.

oh and once the ops thing is over i will jump for joy... why? IT WILL BE OVER!! NO MORE GROUP MEETINGS! i feel like a prisoner in group meetings, cause i never know when i can go. should just be like lets meet till say 12:30 or whatever. make me really happy.

oh i bought a new laptop and printer, reallty nice

well off to another group meeting
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singing along to: spin me right round-dope
21 January 2008 @ 02:26 pm
seriously i feel fucking dead, maybe because it's monday but i think it's cause i've been in red deer too long. don't get me wrong it's a nice city but i need a change.

i don't feel like doing anything at all anymore.

at least lost comes back on thursday
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singing along to: river below-billy talent
i hate work..its so repetive and slack. i especially hate sundays because i work at 9 am and deal with bitchy customers... i like customers but there just mean specially the old ladies. i'm doing this for 8 fucking 50, i don't really need money but still. i have to work this weekend. 9 am both days, i just want to say fuck it, but oh well

i want my month long break, just no school work a few hours, then watch anime and just do nothing.

i'm so lazy

mandarin and mango iced tea is good.

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singing along to: shindemo boogie woogie-miyavi
30 September 2007 @ 07:46 pm
i hate homework, too many goddamn assignments, it's like they do it just to antaganoise me, i do have other things to do. luckily i only have one and i should be doing it, but this is just dort of a break for me. i need my lazy time ya know?

my knees are sore like hell because of caving, i will never ever do it agin, but it was a good experence.

oh i so want to buy all 3 hellboy movies now, cause i luv hellboy as well as attempt to find the movie survive style 5+, if someone found me this movie i'd luv em forever cause you know that'd be like teh awsome

well imma gonna be off

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singing along to: brainstorm-beck
23 May 2007 @ 12:22 pm
i just watched the dub trailer of death note

no just no.light sounds awful, he's not supposed to sound like some emo teen

Damn dubbers
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singing along to: heros comeback-nobody knows
02 April 2007 @ 05:48 pm
don't ever look up guro, just no...

i haven't been this disturbed since i seen that l and raito's night flash, the memories still haunt me. XP

now if you excuse me i have to get studying.
21 March 2007 @ 11:20 am

all right i cannot be the only one who thinks they look the same i mean come on! damn maddonna your like the female version of mello. how is it that a 40 year old woman can look like she's 16-20, THAT IS NOT NORMAL! WHAT ARE YOU TSUNADE-NO-BAACHAN?

i watched the best video on youtube..gaara-"i love vagina!" LOL oh gaara, we all know you want naruto who wants sasuke who is now orochimaru's manwhore bitch, who is getting it on with kabuto who is smexing up kakashi and so on.

well thats all
"he's the only natural woman of them all"-me
singing along to: jump-maddona